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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Shit just hit the fan...

Where in the hell did that saying come from? I was just thinking that. The shit hasn't really (literally or figuratively) hit the fan. I was just pondering the origin of that saying. I know, its probably been wondered about for ages, but seriously? Was there a day in some poor person's life where actual shit flew up (somehow) and collided with a fan? That would be disgusting. Almost as disgusting as a really drunk friend tracking their shit all over your apartment. Wait, that did happen to me. Oh well, I don't live there anymore and I didn't have to clean it up! haha. Thats kinda how I started thinking about that saying. Anyway, I am really bored at work and so I decided to waste my time by blogging instead of working on... well... work. Woo. Yay for working every damn day. Woot.


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