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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A little more uplifting, promise

I really don't have anything too interesting. Uh, again, still go to Mizzou, major is International Studies and no I don't know what I'm going to do with that when I graduate. Fingers crossed, I'll graduate December 2009 and study abroad in either Croatia or Budapest summer session 2009. Life is quick right's almost July. I'm 21 now. The days are basically full of nothing, the weekends full of mischief, and the weeks are flying by at warp speed. But I guess that's what summer is, isn't it? Days full of nothing going by too fast. The dogs are doing well. For those that may not have heard, my dad bought a puppy from a crackhead (for $3) last spring. His name is Roscoe and the whole family is convinced that he has a lisp. Rosey is still mean and still eats her own shit. I love that dog. Nora graduated from Webster and is headed to Mizzou in the fall- she was pre-accepted into the school of business, and received quite a few scholarships. I'm living off campus in the same house as last year, with the same roommates. It's a great little place, even though the owners can suck a dick. I'm supposed to start bartending or something up at Amanda's bar soon, as long as I finish my math. Jimmy Strzelec is tutoring me, bless his heart. I have til June 30. Keep your fingers crossed! The parents are doing well, kooky as ever. So far there are no vacation plans this summer, only work for all of us. I'm actually tempted to send out an event invitation to everyone on Facebook to see if we can resurrect this blog. But that will be for another time, I have to go watch CSI. It's very important.


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