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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Growing up too quickly...

"There's blood in my mouth 'cause I've been biting my tongue all week
I keep on talkin' trash but I never say anything"

so i'm really hoping that someone is still checking in on this little blog we got.

do you guys feel like you are growing up too fast?

like you wish you were still goofing off during contact period? or comin home just a little tipsy to the dorms and worrying about your RA catching you?

cause this just sucks.

it's come to my attention.

that we are dealing with all the stupid shit now.

that we are dealing with all the real shit now.

i need a guaranteed place to live. a worthwhile roommate. a young dog. a finalized degree. a promising career. a consistent boyfriend.



i won't be.

so narotic. crazy. emotional. insane. stressed. stupid. impulsive.

like i can see why people get so worn down by the bones of life. i can see why people our age are giving up and being like well fuck. they get minimum wage jobs. they settle on families. they just settle. period.

i can see why people drop out. they don't get their degrees. they find some job where they can make decent pay for doing very little work. they aren't satisfied and they aren't happy.

i'm not saying i want to be like that. or plan on being like that. or have any chance of being like that. but i can understand it. it's kinda like reading that one reading in politics text book or that editorial in the paper where you in no way agree but you can understand why someone might take that position. kinda like voting republican. no offense hovis....(lol)

so lets end this post a bit more uplifting.

here's what i'm up to.

i'm taking summer class this summer through webster. it's an introduction to entrepreneurial management (basically because some genius came up with a rule that you can't take the intro class and the capstone class in the same semester). i have no idea what it is about but it is every thursday night for 4 hours at the webster campus in west county. next spring i plan on graduating with a bachelor's degree in business management with an emphasis in marketing and a certificate in being an entrepreneur. i'm workin a good 40 hours a week as a motorclothes associate at gateway harley-davidson and buell. i play assistant manager when i boss leaves town and i do more than my fair share of work in order to look good to bosses that notice and coworkers that are jealous. i still live in my parent's basement with the high high hopes of finding somewhere, anywhere, to live on my own. if for no other reason than to have a bigger space for all of my shit. so if anyone has any ideas i'm most definitely open to them. all of the past romantic relationships you had heard about have ended and i am whether for better or worse flying solo. i might be okay with it except i hate the attention i get from the old bikers at work as a young single "chick". there is no way that i get enough sleep. i do too much and stress about stupid shit.

i guess what i'm saying is that i'm going to school for a degree and i go to work for money and i fuck guys to have have sex. and while a degree and money and sex are all good things they just don't seem worth it at the moment.

so i challenge you to read this (if you even got this far) and then to respond. not in just a stupid little comment. i'm talkin a full blown post. where you update the rest of us with the general facts of your life. cause i want to know. and i want to hang out.

now i'm going to keep watching bill pullman, jeff goldblume, and will smith. while downloading my rilo kiley.

"There's a pretty young thing in front of you
and she's real pretty and she's real into you
and then she's sleepin' inside of you "


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