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Sunday, May 11, 2008


Yea, it took me about 3 lifetimes, but I think I managed to get blogger to stop trying to use my google account to sign me in because guess what, blogger? my account with you is through hotmail! when I try to sign in with google and you prompt me to make a new blog then I am not a happy woman!

But that's what has kept me away for forever. I was so annoyed about dealing with the password confusion that I just ignored it and pretended that I was "too busy with school" to blog. Bullsh*t. I'm just easily annoyed with technology.
Speaking of technology, has anyone seen Iron Man? Too cool for school man, too cool.

So life is good. I managed to finish out the semester with some snazzy grades if I do say so myself...I have a stats exam tomorrow that i'm nervous about, but even if I get a 50% on it I'll still get a C or something. But still. I'm nervous.

Life is good for me. I've been dating this guy from school, Luke, and that's going great. He's got a cute dog that I'm looking at right now (she's chewing her foot). Except I was hanging out with his family last night for mother's day and his uncle made a comment along the lines of "expectant mothers?" to me and luke's cousin's girlfriend, and then luke's aunt starts going "no! no! no! margaret and becca had better not get pregnant!"--it was yai yai. And we were standing around their kitchen holding hands because they pray before dinner, and he included that little comment IN the prayer. I was mortified. And speechless--I mean, honestly, what do you say to that? So I just looked around the kitchen and made some sort of noise...god only knows what.

Anywho, I gotta pee and heat my coffee and study, maybe eat some cookies that taste like cake, and watch the game. So yay blogs! and yay my birthday--it's going to be a whole day affair or mini-golfing, drinking, going outand taxis, and I expect you all to be there. More on that later.

Ciao for now, folks. Ciao for now.


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