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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

So I Read....

So I read Carolyn's post and decided to post about my life now. Currently I am employed at Ace Hardware making $7.30/hour and working 30-40 hours a week or whatever I can get. I spend most of my time with Tommy and barely see my family since I don't have a room anymore and am too poor to pay for gas. I got fucked out of my YMCA job because they accidentally hired like 10 more people then they had jobs for and so people from last year didn't get a job again. I have been told I can work there again next summer or during weeks when they might still need me which would be nice because I love that job and get paid so much to do it.

School has been crazy for me. SO everyone knows I started as Truman pursuing an Anthropology degree. When I finally realized that Anthropology was not as fun in college as it was in high school, and that it is actually boring and tedious, I decided to become a teacher instead. I wanted to teach first or second grade. I came down to SLU to stay in St. Louis to be with Tom and my family more (and I dearly miss all my friends at Truman...more than anyone realizes I think). However, SLU's tuition increased every semester I was there, and having to resort to taking out student loans which I didn't want to have to worry about, I decided to take a year off school and work. I told my parents and they thought it was ok except that I have to stay in class for insurance reasons. So I took classes at Meramac. I took all art classes, photography and ceramics and a few others. I found I really love photography and am actually decent at it. I also like ceramics, but I am not so great at it. It is really relaxing though. I finally decided to suck up my hatred for blood and become a nurse. So I am applying to Mizzou's nursing program in the hopes of becoming a nurse. I will have to leave Tommy again which is going to be so hard since I hate spending even a week away from him.

In the mean time I have been fulfilling my love of travel. I have realized that travelling is really the one thing in life I have passion for. I will never be satisfied with the experiences I have had. I want to experience the whole world and everything in it. I even want to fly through space and experience other worlds. The more I travel the more addicted I become. Going to Ghana was the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me. It really changed my life. Christie is studying in Germany and I am going to visit her in January and I cannot wait.

Me and Tom saw this show that was talking about how there might be an "elixir" that could let humans live for thousands of years. At the end of the show they interviewed a lot of people as to whether they would take the elixir or not, and everyone said no (at least everyone they edited into the show). I thought that was so stupid. I would live thousands of years. I would want to live that long so I could visit every country. By they time I was older they could find a way for humans to travel to other planets or galaxies. Who wouldn't want to be around when that happens?

Anyway, this ended up being a really random post. I just wanted to talk about all the things that are impacting my life now, and I want to hear about all the things impacting everyone else's lives. I've been losing some weight, and hopefully will be losing a lot more, so I want sometime this summer for us all to get together again. The whole group. Like all 30 of us. We could do some of the stupid things we used to do back in high school. I know everyone is caught up in their own lives now and it's hard to keep track of old friends, but we should at least try. Which might mean spending ten minutes a week blogging or reading splotches, or taking one night every couple months just to get a huge group together and just catch up. I miss you all.


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