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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Scary Ass Dream

So everyone remembers Julie from high school? She was obsessed with God and damned us all to hell? Well the other night I had a really scary dream. In my dream I was in high school still but I went to high school in a different state for some reason. Tom went to the same high school as me. I happened to fly in a day earlier than him. So I was hanging out with friends waiting for Tom's flight to get in. When it didn't show up I started getting worried.
So then I hear that his plane blew up and there was no survivors. I was really upset and balling. The next couple of days passed by without any word of bodies being found or anything like that. Then a couple of months passed by. I forget to mention, this school I went to had swamp lands on campus and it had this machine like a wood chipper that would rip trees apart. So one day I was walking around the grounds grieving my loss when I hear the machine on. I ran back into the building cause I was a little freaked out and on my way back I found a severed head. It was so sick. I started screaming.
Then the police showed up. Turns out Julie had crashed the plane on purpose and was chipping up the bodies to hide the evidence. There had been a few survivors, and Tom was one of them. I was able to help him get free. It was so scary. And the reason she gave for doing this is because God wanted her too. I was so scared you guys. It was terrible.


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