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Sunday, February 12, 2006

was this weekend really necessary?

so lets start off with friday: a flat tire...where, due to the make of my car, i have to buy 4 new tires cause they don't make my old tires anymore...get rejected by a real estate agent at looking at a house for next fall...lost my keys to my room so i get to pay the $80 to get new ones...get mashed potatos shoved in my face at dinner...saturday: felt like shit all saturday but for some godforsaken reason decided to drink a little with some people in my room which resulted in $75 worth of booze down the drain, getting written up for alcohol posession, having my favorite RA be "disappointed" in my choices, my RA laughin at the fact that i had finally gotten caught breaking the rules, and concluded with me trying despretely to pass out on my rank smelling bed next to zach, who would later be kicked out of the university, and greg, who being a minor would have gotten an MIP if he had given the RAs his actual name or social security...luckily i had the sense to take out the puke filled trash bag the night before and drank 3 bottles of water before bed so i woke up with only a minor headache which turned into a major one when i realized i had to clean my entire room and rid it of puke and stench and nastiness that filled every crevice i'm so tired that i want to just crash but i have a lot of homework to do so i can't....not yet...

i think its cute that on the first time i drink since getting back to the fort they catch us... they are all treating us like alcoholics... i don't think they realize that if we were alcoholics then we wouldn't have any alcohol for them to drain...stupid people....

so lesson is: no drinking. its bad for you. gets you into trouble. makes you do things you will regret. also causes you to clean your room. maybe its not all bad. wait. don't drink. its bad for you.


Blogger Jeff said...

Haha. You pretty much got owned. And I laugh because I think you got owned by Karma.

7:26 PM  
Blogger Penguin said...

jeff.. you're mean
she's obviously had a bad weekend
sorry for the bad luck carolyn, hope things get better!

7:42 PM  
Blogger Keegan said...

Aw, Lina...if it makes you feel any better, Dave wants to go out to Fort Collins for Spring Break and have a "forced bonding session" with me and Monkey. He wants a cabin with only a woodburning stove and an outhouse and he's going to convince Nora that there's cable, internet access, sauna and hot tub. I thought this might make you feel better. He also wants you to skip class so you can go skiing with us. Oh, PS, does your family rent out your cabin? We'd love to rent it from you guys. Anywho, I'll call you later. Hasta.

8:49 PM  
Blogger matty said...

first off, jeff, why must you be so mean? i thought you were so nice on the hockey team...
now carolyn, i'm sorry you must deal with this shit. for once, i'm happy i'm in new orleans where alcohol is within the law, though not technically within dorm policy (the law says we can, the school says we can't...therefore, most RAs don't really care). if you need anything, gimme a call. i've got lots of hugs for you when i finally get to see you. i miss you babe!

11:32 PM  
Blogger Rodent Freak said...

its cool jeff...i know you say things with the best of intentions... i did get owned by karma...hard core..

12:13 AM  
Blogger CAKE! I love Cake!!! said...

hey, what's going on with you the weekend of the 24-26? because if i skipped two classes and chipped in some money i could theoretically come visit.

10:24 AM  
Blogger Rodent Freak said...

absofucking nothing!!!! come out come out come out!!!

4:39 PM  

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