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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

loooooong night

so last night i was eating dinner when all of a sudden i started feeling sick and i was like oh great something's wrong with the food. i went back to my room and laid down hoping that it would just pass. well i did just fine for about 20 mins after that and then i started feeling this excruciating pain down my entire right side. i tried walking around to see if it were some funky muscle thing that needed to be worked out but that didn't work. so i put up with this for two hours before i called matt to come over and help me because by this time i was scared.. i was feeling extremely sick and i couldn't move without feeling a stabbing pain on my right side. so he came over and laid in bed with me trying to rub my back, really doing anything to help it but i just curled up in a ball and was crying b/c nothing was working. so finally around 10.00p i decided that we needed to go to the emergency room. brian drove me and matt and my friend kelli met us up there later, group affair.. yay! so we get to the er and wait forever (you all know how that goes) i had about 30 people ask to verify the spelling of hrbacek.. so that at least made me laugh.
well i go in get some blood drawn, give a urine sample and have a cat-scan done. after waiting for awhile and having two doses of morphine for the stupid pain the doctor came back in and told me that i have kidney stones! the one that is causing me so much pain (even know as i write) has completely blocked off the right side of my urinary tract and that is why there is so much pain on my right side b/c my muscles are, in essence, working against each other. so now i get to wait for this stone to pass and they said that there is another one following closely behind. they gave me pain meds, which is good and all but they make me extremely sick and if i'm not on them it's obvious b/c it hurts to move and basically do anything.
so last night this ordeal started around 7pm and ended around 5am when we finally got home from the hospital. as for now, there is nothing for me to do but drink excessive amounts of water, take pain meds and take it easy.
i'm going home this weekend b/c they told me that i am goign to need to see a specialist about this b/c they don't know if this kidney stone did permanent damage on its way out of the kidney and into the urinary
so that's it... sorry for rambling but it's been a long last 15 or so hours...


Blogger ArchaeologyGirl said...

oh stephie i am so sorry that you had to go through all that pain. it really sux that you have so many medical problems. hope it passes well and you get better. i will send you a postcard to make you feel better.

12:01 PM  
Blogger eat_this_corley said...

poor poor baby... i know exactly how you feel... get better fast

12:03 PM  
Blogger etepetete said...

i am so sorry steph! feel better babe!!!!!!!

1:13 PM  
Blogger Reine said...

man arent kidney stones considered one of the most painful medical problems or something? that sucks so bad! hope you feel better

4:04 PM  
Blogger justsuckit said...

you just seem to have all the bad luck with your health. if i could, i'd pass a kidney stone for you.

12:36 AM  
Blogger Penguin said...

i am not a fan of kidney stones.. i have to fly back to stl this weekend and go to a specialist and see if this is going to be a chronic condition or just something that happens every once in awhile.. i must say that it's not all bad b/c the pain meds that they gave me are kinda tripy

1:51 AM  

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