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Tuesday, January 24, 2006


are YOU still alive. please say yes. because i had a dream the other night that you died. and if in fact you do die, i hope that someone will actually tell us so that i won't just hear it as a rumor from jacquelyn that you passed out and died several days later, and eventually have carolyn look at my like i'm an idiot and say that you passed away.

as you can imagine, a little rough of a dream. you were just gone. and among my grief i realized that i would never take another picture of you again (which would be a great loss, because you take fabulous pictures).


Blogger maggotsparklepow said...

so weird! i promise you i am still alive.
this girl at my school tried telling my friend that if you have a dream where you, the dreamer, die, then you die at that moment in your sleep. and this was during a class, and my teacher was like, so how is that proven?
i just thought that was funny.

1:54 PM  

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